About SurveyNow

Online surveys are one of the newly emerging means of collecting data; all around the globe, companies and individuals are looking for online platforms to create survey forms. You may question, why would anyone or any company be willing to pay to design and get responses to their survey form? The answer to this question lies primarily in the importance of surveys.

surveynow software

What is SurveyNow?


SurveyNow is a US-based platform with a wide variety of paid online surveys on offer for its members to complete. It allows its users to make survey forms efficiently and conveniently. You can register using your email, once you have completed this step, you can get started right away. The SurveyNow software has an engaging and easy-to-use interface, allowing people to use it without hassle.

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surveynow software

Importance of Surveys

Surveys play a very significant role for companies to get an idea of what their customers need and how they perceive the brand to be. They are also widely used to get product feedback and ask for problems faced by their customers so the company can devise appropriate plans to make sure their customers are content. A reliable platform to create the perfect survey form according to your target population is SurveyNow.

SurveyNow Features 

To create a survey form, click on ‘create a survey’ after doing so, add all the relevant details that your survey requires to get your survey ready.


The SurveyNow software will also provide you with suggestions on what to add to your form; after forming the survey, you can share it with other people, and the software will assist you in finding responses to your survey. 


The results are easily manageable by the software. Moreover, you can add a personalized touch to your form by adding different designs by choosing specific colors for your background, text, and buttons.


There are various pros of using SurveyNow; from designing online polls to getting it connected to your target population, everything is free of cost initially. Secondly, SurveyNow is used for data compilation and analysis of results. Additionally, a comparison between the current and past results of the survey can be performed.


For customer feedback, a net promoter score is for scaling the level of satisfaction of your customer. SurveyNow assists a company; to increase its net promoter score by utilizing appropriate surveys. Moreover, a user can conveniently share survey results with others, including fellow team members.

SurveyNow Pricing


SurveyNow is among the best free survey software; however, after using it for some time it gets paid. To continue using it, you have to pay to form online surveys. The free trial is known as the starter package, then there is a team package, and finally, the premium one is known as an enterprise.


During the free trial, you can create five surveys with a limit of ten questions per survey, and you will receive fifty responses per month. In the free trial, you will have access to all the features such as; exporting data and designing your customizable survey.


In the team package, there is a cost of 49.99 dollars per month. In this package, you will have access to creating an unlimited number of surveys with an illimitable number of questions; and you will get up to 500 responses each month, along with all the other features included in the starter package.


In the enterprise package, it costs 79.99 dollars per month. With this package, there will be no limit to the number of surveys, questions per survey, and responses.  

Making surveys has been made convenient with the SurveyNow software. There is no need to put yourself through the process of creating forms from scratch and the hassle of finding enough responses for your study. The SurveyNow software has got you covered for all your online survey needs.

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